Atlas Advanced Email Domain Configuration - Prevent Google From Blocking Emails

How to configure more advanced email branding in Atlas Partner Setup

Google will enable blocking on April 1st, 2024. This will likely impact many of your customers that are using gmail. It is highly recommended that you implement the following procedure to ensure emails sent by the Customer Administration Portal can be received by your customers using that are using gmail.


Many operations within the Customer Administration Portal trigger emails to your customers. A new Email Domain Setup tool has been added to Partner Setup that allows you to create a subdomain that we use to send those customer emails from. The new setup provides a number of tools for supporting SPF, DKIM and other email settings and helps you perform the domain validation. SPF and DKIM records are especially important now and will help prevent emails from being blocked by services such as google.

To start, go to the Partner Setup tab in Atlas and then double-click your row name to load your partner settings. Then click on the Branding circle and then click the Email Domain Setup tab. Click Add Domain and enter a subdomain of your main domain to use. This will be used as the from for emails sent to your customers. You will need to add this subdomain to your DNS records since this will be a subdomain off of your own domain.

After entering the subdomain, you can then choose to verify it.

Once you click Verify, the SPF, DKIM, MX and CNAME record information will be generated for you. Initially, everything will show as unverified.

Enter the information above into your DNS records for this subdomain. Click Verify DNS Settings any time you make a change to confirm you've completed those steps. The Current Value column will be replaced with the data we are able to verify.

When everything is complete, all sections should show Verified in green. You are now ready to use this subdomain.

Go back to the main Email Setup Domain tab where your subdomain is listed and move the slider to Active. Any customer emails will then be sent using your new subdomain as the from.