Call Flow Schedules

Managing and Editing Schedules in the Customer Administration Portal

Schedule based call routing is a tool used by Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants, and Call Center Queues to flow the calls to another extension or action during certain scheduled times, such as after hours or holidays.

Building Schedules

Schedules are found in the Schedules section of Enterprise Services within the Customer Administration Portal. You may have any number of schedules but they each must have a unique name.

Schedules built as Global Schedules can be accessed by any service, regardless of location. This is generally the best tab to use to build schedules, and is the place to find the default schedules.

  1. Press the NEW SCHEDULE button at the top
  2. Type in a unique schedule name in the Schedule Name text box
  3. Add events (see below)
  4. When all of your events have been scheduled, press the SAVE button at the bottom

Events are added one at a time, and scheduled individually.

  1. Press ADD EVENT
  2. Give the event a unique name in Description
  3. Select the repetition interval (see the example above for a weekly Monday-Friday event type)
  4. At the bottom, enter the start and end time for the event (in the example, we are scheduling the time before the office opens, so midnight AM to eight AM).  Note these times are in 24 hour format.
  5. When satisfied, press SAVE
  6. Continue adding events as you wish

Hunt Groups and Call Centers use schedules to determine when calls are routed away from the service, while Auto Attendants use schedules to determine times when the service is engaged.  To make an After Hours schedule for Hunt groups, you would have three events: mornings (00:00 to 8:00 M-Fr), evenings (17:00 to 23:59 M-Fr), and weekends (Full Day Sat and Sun).

Applying Schedules

Use Scheduled Call Routing in the Hunt Groups and Call Center Queues to select the schedule you made.

For Hunt Groups, you can apply after hours schedules very easily.

You can also incorporate some layered scheduled events, as well.

For Auto Attendants, the schedule selected will determine which menu is used.