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Call Forwarding in the Portal

How to forward calls to Hunt Groups and seats in the Customer Administration Portal

To enable call forwarding, follow the instructions below:

Hunt Groups

Hunt groups have a call forward setting available on the right side of the Hunt Group configuration window.

  1. In the Customer Administration Portal, select Enterprise Services
  2. Select Hunt Groups
  3. Locate the Hunt Group you wish to affect and press Edit
  4. On the top right side of the new window is a section labeled Call Forwarding Options
  5. Enter the number or extension where you would like to forward the calls in the Destination Number field. This can be a ten digit number outside of your network or an internal extension.
  6. You can also set how many seconds the users have to accept the call in the field above. This has to be a positive value, but 1 second will virtually forward it instantly.
  7. Save at the bottom and the changes will apply immediately.

User Seats

Seats have a variety of call forwarding options available to them.

  1. In the Customer Admin Portal, select Locations, then the appropriate location (or all locations)
  2. Select the seat you wish to adjust and press Edit
  3. Go to the Incoming Calls tab in the Manage Phone System window that just opened
  4. Find the appropriate Call Forwarding condition and turn the slider on
  5. Input the destination number or extension
  6. Save to apply these changes

Call Forwarding Conditions

Call Forwarding Always will divert the call to the destination number immediately upon presentation.
Call Forwarding Busy will divert the call only if the line is busy (handling three concurrent calls, or is in Do Not Disturb mode). By default this will go to the Busy greeting of the voicemail.
Call Forwarding No Answer will divert the call if it is not answered within the designated number of rings. By default this will go to the No Answer greeting of the voicemail.
Call Forwarding Not Reachable will divert the call if all established endpoints for the seat are offline. You can learn more about Call Forwarding Not Reachable in our Disaster Management article.