homeXtend Android - Calling

Placing a Call, Call Pull, Call History



The call screen is your main dialing screen. From here you can enter a destination phone number and press the Call button. The right arrow button can be used to back over entered digits if you made a mistake entering a number.

Placing a Call

Three options are available for placing outbound calls:

  1. Use System Default Dialer: This setting is the initial default. If this option is selected, the application will use the built-in mobile phone client to place outbound calls. This means the called user will see your mobile number as the caller ID instead of your residential caller ID.
  2. Use Call Through Service: This setting will allow you to place calls as your residential number. When using this option, your mobile phone may display a calling a number you may not recognize. The number dialed is a number on our network. These numbers may change each time you place a call. When we receive a call from your mobile phone on one of those numbers, we place a call to the entered destination number using the caller ID from your residential line and connect you to the call.
  3. Use Call Back Service: This setting will also allow you to place calls as your residential number. When using this option, the service will call your residential number. Both your home phone and your mobile phone will ring. The initial default option is Use System Default Dialer. The default option can be changed in the Settings screen as well.

Call Pull

This feature allows you to transfer a call on your home phone to your mobile phone so you can continue your conversation if you need to leave your home, or transfer the call back to your home phone when you arrive back home. The * key has an option available that lets you pull an existing call from your residential phone to the mobile client. This option only works with the Use Call Back Service option. To use this feature, make sure the Calling option is set to Use Call Back Service and then press and hold the * key when you have an active call on your home phone. The Waiting for call back message will appear. Answer the incoming call, press a any key to accept the call, and the service will connect your mobile phone to the existing call. The call to your home phone line will then be dropped. To pull the call back to your home phone, pick up your home phone and dial *11. This will connect the call to your home phone and drop the call to your mobile phone.

Call History

The history screen will show all calls to and from your residential line as well as any missed calls. The calls can be filtered as shown below. Calls placed from the homeXtend client will only show in this list if you use either the Use Call Through Service or Use Call Back Service dialing option. Calls placed using the System Default Dialer option do not use your home phone number and therefore do not show in this list. Calls can be placed from this list by pressing-and-holding the entry you want. When you release, a dialog will pop-up asking if you want to call the person, send a text message or add this person to your contacts. If the contact already exists, the option will say View contact instead of Add contact. Quickly pressing an entry will bring up a list of options as well. The trash can icon in the upper right corner can be used to delete your call history.