homeXtend iOS - Installation and Logging In

Download, Install, and Log Into the homeXtend iOS App



Installation is quick and easy. Simply launch the App store application on your iPhone and search for homeXtend. Install the application on your device just like you would install any other application from the app stores.

Logging In

When you first start the client, you will be presented with a Licensing Agreement where you can accept the terms. Once accepted, a login screen will appear. Enter your username, password and your Telephone # in the appropriate fields and press the Login button. Your username and password choice were supplied when you ordered your service. Once you press OK, the main phone dialer screen will be shown.

  • The menu bar across the bottom of the application provides access to the main features of the application.
  • The History screen shows the history of calls made on your residential service. This includes all incoming and missed calls.
  • The Setting screen is where you set all the configuration options on your service, such as a Call Forwarding number, Voicemail options and many other feature settings.

Once you login, a dialog box will pop up indicating your device is not configured for homeXtend Anywhere. In order to use some of the capabilities of the application, press Configure homeXtend Anywhere. This will allow you to place calls with this application that will appear to come from your residential phone line rather than your mobile phone number. Alternatively you can configure this option from the settings screen. If you choose Cancel, that option will not be available.