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Mailbox, Messaging, and Greetings


Mailbox - Greeting Only

The Greetings only option allows you to Disable Message Deposit if you want to prevent anyone from leaving a message. If you enable this option, you can decide whether the call should end after the greeting is played, or to forward the call to another destination number. Record an appropriate greeting in this case instructing callers that you are not accepting messages, or that your call is being forwarded.

Voice Messaging

The On/Off button will enable/disable whether voice mail will answer after the ring timeout. By default, Busy Calls and Unanswered Calls are sent to voicemail after 3 rings. Check the Send All Calls to Voicemail to have all incoming calls answered by your voicemail. This is similar to enabling the Do Not Disturb feature. The Unified Messaging feature in the When a message arrives section, can be used to send all voice mail recordings to your email and is enabled by default. This is in addition to providing an indicator in your landline. The voice mail recording is attached as a .wav file to an email. To use this feature, check the E-mail a carbon copy of the message to option in the Advanced Options section and enter your email address in the entry field.

If you only want your voicemail going to your email and not stored as voice mails in the service, then select the Forward to e-mail option in the When a message arrives section. This will always send voicemail to your email. If you call your voicemail box, the service will indicate you do not have any new voicemails, nor will voice mails sent in this manner be saved. Select this option if you rarely check your voicemail and don’t want your voicemail box to fill up. Enable the Transfer on 0 to Phone Number option and specify a destination number if you want to provide callers the ability to press 0 to interrupt the greeting message and reach you at the specified number.