LNP Process in Atlas (manual process)

Business Orders with Local Number Portability

Business Order with LNP Process

This is the process when working an order with the Atlas LNP workflow. 

  1. Partner has a Business Order that requires porting; Business Order entered in Atlas.
  2. Partner will assign a workflow based on if there is porting needed to process the order.  The workflow is most often Wholesale Hosted with LNP.  For orders without porting, partner will process per workflow steps and no need to follow these additional processes.
  3. The Partner will attach the LOA and any supporting documents (current bill copy, CSR etc.) to the Atlas order. Multi location orders will need the LOA and supporting documents attached to the per location. You can find the Porting Document Forms here.
  4. Partner will email lnporders@voyant.com the following information:
    a. Partner contact name and contact information who will be processing the order
    b. Atlas Business Order Name / Order ID
    c. Requested Port Date
  5. Once the port is submitted the tasks listed in the box below will be completed by the Voyant LNP Team.  Partner should not complete any of these tasks as they are for the LNP team to communicate back to the order owner the LNP status. 
  6. LNP team will submit the port to the carrier with the requested FOC date, IF that date is not accepted by the losing carrier; they can try for the first available date.  Generally cannot be less than 7 days from date of submission.

    Please note - Some carriers will allow porting to occur any time during the hours of 7 AM – 5 PM Central; while others will port at designated times. The LNP team will note the port requirements in the order notes.
  7. LNP team will add a note to the order with the FOC date once received from the losing carrier. 
  8. On FOC date, Partner will complete the DID number swap on the customer account in Atlas prior to the port triggering.
  9. If needed, Partner can call into the Provisioning Hotline to have the port triggered.If the port had a designated time for porting and the DID swap has completed this step can be skipped.
  10. The partner is responsible for all testing and verification that the ported numbers are in working order including 911 services. 
  11. The partner is responsible for ensuring the Business Order in Atlas is completed and closed to Billing.

Number porting after the Business Order has been closed

This process is to be followed if you need to port a number with no active open Atlas order.

  1. Partner will email lnporders@voyant.com all order information (LOA, bill copy, CSR, requested port date).This will open a case that will be worked for the port rather than an Atlas order. 
  2. Voyant  LNP will work the port and communicate via the case the progress of the port through completion.

Important Contact Information

Voyant LNP Department


866-629-8200 option 2

Provisioning Hotline

Hours: 7 AM – 5 PM Central


Voyant Repair


866-629-8200 option 1