officeXtend FAQ

What to know about transitioning from Voyant Connect

How long will Voyant Connect be available?

With the release of the officeXtend application for desktop on August 31, 2022, we now have both mobile and desktop apps offering similar feature sets. After September 15, 2022, Voyant Connect will only receive best effort support. However, we may determine that the application is no longer supportable and remove it from any new downloads on both our web site for the desktop clients and the app stores for the mobile clients.

After September 15, what features of Voyant Connect won't work?

At this time, we know the following features will have problems starting on September 15th:

  • Outlook Plugin - If you have installed the Outlook plugin component on Windows (not supported on macOS), it's expected that the plug-in will no longer function. The integration can be disabled in Voyant Connect under Options->Integrations->Enable Outlook plugin integration.
  • Call from other device feature - When you place a call, you can click the Call from other device icon to the right of the phone icon on the Dialpad screen. This option causes your main phone to ring and when you answer it, calls the number you entered. This feature no longer shows the Toolbar during this call, and when the call ends, the call is not cleared on the softphone display. For this to work after September 15th, you must upgrade to Voyant Connect 22.9.31. The 22.9.31 install can be found here.

Is officeXtend the permanent application for mobile connection?

officeXtend is the permanent application for mobile apps, and starting September 15, 2022, for desktop as well. The new desktop application is now available for download as of August 31, 2022. Please see this article.

When should I use officeXtend?

Going forward, you should be actively switching to both the officeXtend mobile apps and the officeXtend desktop apps. All new application development will be for these applications. Voyant Connect will only receive best effort support starting September 15, 2022.

Please note, some features are not currently available on officeXtend: call recording controls, contact favorites and integrated call history are some of the features that are not currently available but are actively being developed. Features like call center integration are available in the Call Control section and Visual Voicemail is now available. Please see the officeXtend Desktop User Guide.


What will happen to my old messages in Voyant Connect?

Your message history in Voyant Connect will stay in that application and is not transferrable to the new application. The new officeXtend application uses a different messaging technology and old messages cannot be exported from Voyant Connect and imported into officeXtend.

How do you sign out of the application?

a. Soft log out for Android and iOS (preferred)

Enable the local DnD feature (touch the officeXtend logo in upper left corner)

Local DnD will allow the app to remain registered but will prevent calls from being presented to the application. This is the preferred method vs logging out.

Please note, Local DnD will not set any associated physical phone on DnD.

b. Hard logout

Touch "Reset" (Android) or "Log out" (iOS) in Settings

This method will also reset call history and other local items each time you logout.

c. On the desktop client, right-click on the officeXtend icon in the dock or system tray and choose Quit. This will exit the application and you will no longer receive calls.

What exactly does the reset button do?

Reset Application (Android)

Logout (iOS)

Reset (Desktop)

When “Reset Application” or "Log Out" options are selected, it will reset everything and log the user out. It will also wipe out all data associated with the app locally. (e.g. clear all data including theme, preferences and calls history (from application only). This does not affect Contacts as those are stored in the phone contact list.

The user will need to re-enter their login info and application preferences/permissions the next time they log in.

Defaults will be applied once logged back in, and all previous message history will be reloaded.

Why does the app not refresh the missed calls and voicemails that were checked on the physical phones?

The mobile clients do not yet have an integration to our backend system to pull call logs.

The calls logs in the officeXtend client are only the calls that came to or originated from the client.

Call logs integration is a top item on our list of what we plan to integrate next.

Can you sign out or change availability of the call center within the officeXtend app?

Yes, Call Center integration has been added to both the mobile and desktop versions of officeXtend. You can access this feature in the Call Control tab. The Call Center icon will only appear along the top bar if you have been assigned to a Call Queue.

What if you need features not yet available on officeXtend?

Alternate option to officeXtend:

1. Use your web portal login if you have created an account to change any additional settings

2. Utilize Desk phone


How do you fix dropped calls, static, and not receiving calls issues?

Various factors can impact call quality on the application such as dropped calls, static, cutting in and out. Quality is reliant on individual factors such as network connections, wireless networks, location, etc.

For call quality issues, these will need to be analyzed and troubleshot on an individual basis as each device and network play unique factors to quality of service.

The officeXtend client has a helpful troubleshooting tool that can be utilized to expedite the troubleshooting efforts. When a user is on a call, they can press the information icon in the upper right corner of the in-call screen and be able to view the data of that call: Signal strength (in bars), jitter, etc

Android: When logged in, click on the 3 dot icon > choose "Settings" > "Preferences" > "Troubleshooting Log" -click the slide button to turn it “green” > Logging has successfully been enabled.

iOS: When logged in, click on the gear icon > choose "Preferences" > choose "Enable sip log" > Logging has successfully been enabled.

Desktop: Click the gear icon (Settings) and choose Logs from the sidebar, then click Save to download the log to your computer.


Calls Take a Long Time Before Ringing on Android

Android has a number of default settings to help optimize the battery. These settings can cause delays to applications in how fast they are allowed to wakeup from the background when getting a push notification. The default is to optimize battery performance which works in general for most apps that are not time sensitive. For a calling application, the battery optimization will cause delays before your phone will start ringing and should be turned off.

Depending on your phone manufacturer, the battery optimization settings may be in different places. To turn off battery optimization, go to Settings, then locate the menu for "Apps", though in some Android versions it might be "Apps&Notifications" and locate the officeXtend or nCommand Plus application. Your settings might show a "See all xx apps" header. Touch the text to expand the list to see all apps if the list is not already expanded, then scroll down until you find the app you are using.

For Samsung and other models, touch the Battery section, then choose unrestricted as the battery optimization method. This should update the optimization settings for Samsung

For other device manufacturers, you might have to to expand the Advanced section and touch the Battery option. A section might be titled "Battery optimization". If this section says "Optimizing battery use", then you may experience delays when ringing. To fix this, touch the "Battery Optimization" section. This will bring you to a list of apps. The default is to show apps that are currently "Not optimized". Touch the header that says "Not optimized" and choose "All apps" from the options. This will expand the list to show all apps including ones that are currently being optimized. Scroll down the list until you locate either officeXtend or nCommand Plus (whichever app you're using). Touch the app title and then choose "Don't optimize" from the choices and choose Done to save the selection.