Speed Dials on Yealink Phones

How to program speed dials on your Yealink device

Speed Dials

Speed Dials are programmed locally on the phone itself. This can be done through the phone's on-screen menu.

From the On-Screen Menu:

  • Press Menu Softkey
  • Select Features
  • Select DSS Keys
  • Select the Key that you wish to program 
    • Warning: Be careful not to program over a Line, Park or BLF that has been set by the phone system
    • Note: Yealink phones have 3 "pages" of buttons that can be assigned
  • Using the Left and Right buttons on the phone, set
    • Type = SpeedDial
    • Account ID = Line 1 (typical)
    • Label = Use the keypad to enter the label for the button
    • Value = Phone number that will be dialed. Do not include dashes, spaces or other special characters
  • Press the Save softkey