Poly BYOD Process

BYOD Instructions for VVX series, SoundStation IP, and Trio Conference phones

If you already have Polycom/Poly devices, they may be compatible with the Inteliquent solution.

For Poly, we currently accept the following devices and model numbers for BYOD:

VVX 300/310/301/311 Trio 8300/8500/8800 VVX 150
VVX 400/410/401/411   VVX 250
VVX 500/501   VVX 350
VVX 600/601   VVX 450

Before beginning this process, you must contact support at support@Inteliquent.com or 866-629-8200 and let Inteliquent know the MAC address that you want to provision with Inteliquent. The MAC address is the same as the serial number and is printed with the barcode on the bottom or back of the device. Inteliquent will then trust the device for a 24 hour period and allow it onto the network to download its configuration. After this is done, perform the following steps:

Installing BYOD Polycom/Poly Devices

  1. At the phone select the home button, select the “Settings” button from the main menu displayed on the phone screen.
  2. Select the “Advanced” option from the settings menu (normally option 2).
  3. After selecting the option for advanced settings, it will prompt you to enter a password. Enter the admin password for the phone. If the password is unknown, then a factory reset will be necessary to reset it to the default 456 password.

Please note: If the password is not available, please contact Inteliquent. If the password is lost or not recoverable, call Inteliquent at 866-629-8200 for assistance.

Once the phone is factory reset, follow these instructions:

  1. From the advanced settings menu, select the option for “Administration Settings” (normally option 1).
  2. In the administration settings, select the option for “Network Configuration.”
  3. Select the option for “Provisioning Server” from the administration settings (normally option 1).
  4. Select the option for “Server Type” and choose “HTTPS.”
  5. In the field for “Server Address” enter “prov.anpi.com/polycom”. The username and password are irrelevant.
  6. Back out of the menus until you are prompted to "Save Config".
  7. The phone should now reboot and be configured for the Inteliquent user account. NOTE: If the phone does not reboot, try rebooting manually: Utilities > Reboot Phone.
  8. Activate the phone. Take the receiver off the hook and when prompted by the IVR system, enter the activation code received via email when the service was ordered. The activation code can also be found in the Customer Administration Portal on the user device.
  9. The phone will reboot and will then be ready for use.

NOTE: If the phone was purchased from Amazon or other similar sites and the password does not work, you will need to be able to factory reset the device or contact the party you purchased the phone from to identify the password needed to enter Administration Settings. Many times these devices are locked to a previous provider and we cannot unlock them.