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Voyant Connect Guide and Demo Video Voyant Connect Guide and Demo Video Bill Balvanz

Your UC Client displays your status, or presence, along with your contacts’ status, making it easy and efficient to connect quickly with the right person.

Understand Your Presence

  • Green means your contact is online on their computer, and can easily reached with a call or chat.
  • The green mobile device icon means they’re mobile, and can still be reached through a call or chat in the mobile app.
  • Orange means they're online, but stepped away from the computer.
  • Red with a phone icon means they are on a call. This status changes automatically when you place or receive a call, and goes back to green when you disconnect.
  • The calendar icon means they’re in a meeting. This status syncs with your calendar and changes automatically when you’re in a meeting and goes back to green when the meeting ends.
  • Grey means they are offline.

Note: You must connect with your coworkers to see their availability. You cannot see presence or status of people from Directory or people who are not on your UC platform.

Connect with Coworkers

Your UC Client publishes your presence or availability to your contacts you subscribe to, and it can also show you the presence status of your coworkers who are using the same UC platform. Remember: You have to subscribe to your contacts from your enterprise Directory, or they have to subscribe to you:

  1. Click on the Directory icon. Scroll through your Directory and find the people you want to subscribe to, or you can search your Directory.
  2. Select your contact and scroll down to “Add Contact”.
  3. Your Contact will receive a message that you want to connect and exchange presence.

Add Personal Contacts

In your UC client, you can add, or import, your contacts from your Outlook contacts list into your UC Client. This is helpful because, from here, it is easy to email or view your contact’s profile all in one place without having to go back to Outlook.

  1. In the Search box, enter the name of the contact your are looking for.
  2. In the Outlook contacts section, right click on the Outlook contact’s name and scroll down to Add Contact.

NOTE: You can also manually add contacts using the + sign next to the search box. Each contact you wish to import from Outlook needs can only be added one at a time.

Group Contacts

In your UC Client’s contacts list, it may be helpful for you to group your contacts.

  1. Click on the plus sign next to the search box and scroll down to Add Group. Add a name for the group.
  2. In Contacts, right click on the people you want to add to the Group.Scroll down to Add to Group and select the group you want to add them to.

Chat and Share Your Screen

  1. Right click on the person you want to chat with. Scroll over to Chat.
  2. From your chat window, you can escalate the chat to a call from your softphone client or your desktop device, start a video call, and share your screen.
  3. When you start sharing, the person you’re chatting with will receive a notification that you want to share your screen or desktop with them, and they must accept it to view your screen.

Hosting a Group Chat

  1. Open My Room
  2. Click on Contacts
  3. Select the people you want to engage in a group chat and “drag” them into the participants list My Room.
  4. In addition to chatting, you can also initiate a call, start a video call with the group, and share your desktop with the group.

Create a Conference Call

Your UC Client includes a conference bridge. Hover over My Room to reveal the call-in number and conference ID. My Room also includes the conferencing numbers in the Dial-In Info menu. Send this information, to both internal and external parties, to join you on a conference call by click the three dots and sending the information. Note: Each user can have up to 10 attendees in their bridge at one time.

Share Your Screen with External Users

One of the most valuable features of your UC Client is the ability to share screens with External Users – people who are not part of your Contact list or Corporate Directory.

  1. Click on My Room.
  2. Click on the three dots next to your name.
  3. Select Copy or Email My Room Invitation.
  4. Copy My Room Invitation: Once you’ve Copied My Room Invitation, you could paste it into an email to send to your guests or paste the Invitation into an appointment to send for people to join later.
  5. Email My Room Invitation launches your default mail application (e.g., Outlook) with the link to join your room and your audio conference number and pin already filled into the body of the email. All you’ll need to do is add the recipients and send.
  6. Once your guest has arrived, you’ll see them in the Participants list.
  7. Click the share screen icon.

You can download user guides here:

Voyant Connect User Guides

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