Add Atlas User

Adding a New User to Your Atlas Portal

Adding a new user to your Atlas portal is easy.

  1. Go to the Administration Tab
  2. Select the green +New User button at the top of the User Management widget
  3. Fill out the information in the window that pops up
  4. Confirm with Create User

The new user will receive an email to the address you put for them, they will need to follow the email to create their login and password

User Type

There are three user types you can select. They provide various access to the different portions of Atlas.


This access is for agents in your own operation. Think of this as the highest level of access.

Channel Partner User

If you use multiple sales channels, you can designate partner users with less access. They will need to report to a Channel Partner Manager

Channel Partner Manager

For sales channels that exist apart from your organization, these managers oversee the channel partner users