April 25 2024 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

Product changes and fixes

On April 25, 2024, additional feature changes and fixes will be added to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to improve user experience and functionality.

Updates - UCaaS Services

Fax Line only orders no longer require at least a Primer

When placing a sales order that only has Fax Lines on it, you are no longer required to also have at least one Primer seat.

Fixed an issue with the Fedex tracking links

Fixed an issue causing the Fedex tracking links for orders with equipment to land incorrectly on the fedex tracking page.


Updates - Microsoft Teams Operator Connect for Partners

Cancel option in Atlas for Teams Operator Customer accounts

A new cancel customer option is now available for cancelling services for Microsoft Teams Operator Connect customer accounts in the Customer 360 section. To use this feature, make sure to unassign all the numbers in the customers' Teams account so that the numbers are not associated with any services prior to cancelling the account in Atlas.

Once cancelled, the account will disappear from the normal customer list view. Use the filters to search for Cancelled accounts if you need to find this account later.