August 2020 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

New Features and Updates for the Atlas Customer Lifecycle Management Portal

On August 31, 2020, Voyant will make product updates to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to include new features that enhance user functionality and improve user experience.



New E911 Address Validation Tool

Better integration to the Inteliquent E911 validation system will expose some settings that can be used directly in Atlas. In the Tools menu, there is an E911 Address Validation tool.

You can drop an address in the E911 Address Validation tool and the system will validate it in a few seconds.

You can also use the "upload CSV" option on the right side of the tool to validate multiple addresses.

Residential E911 Address Validation Update

Within the Partner Setup tab, in the Contacts portion, you can now access a widget that will enable or disable all of your residential customers to update their own E911 addresses.

Pagination Option on Customer Tabs

A number of widgets in the Customers tab will now allow pagination to better sort the data.