August 2022 Updates to the Vitelity Customer Portal

Vitelity Operations and Billing System (OSS/BSS) release

Invoice remit address update

On the new Billing Invoice Report, a new remit address will be updated using a new PO Box:

PO Box 952151
Dallas, TX 75395-2151


Directory listing registration is available

The Directory Listing add-on service has been unavailable for some time.  In this release, processes will be reinstated to allow a Directory Listing to be provisioned on numbers owned by your account in near real time.

Directory listing menu

Directory Listing functionality is available under Buy Now, Add-Ons then Directory Listing.

The Directory Listing main screen will appear.

Section A provides a list of numbers currently active on the account. These can be registered with a Directory Listing and will start the provisioning process.

Section B provides a list of all numbers with a Directory Listing active on the number.

Please see the designated sections below for more information.

Section A: Activating a Directory Listing

  1. Select the number you want to register with a Directory Listing from the dropdown and select continue. 
  2. Fill out all required information for the listing and click ‘submit.’

Once submitted, the system will alert the user of the the request.

Once provisioned, the number will appear in “Current Directory Listings.” 

Section B: Viewing Directory Listing details, editing and canceling listing 

Clicking on a number listed in this section of the screen will present the user with the details currently registered for that number.

From here, the user may opt to “edit” listing, or cancel listing, which will stop Monthly Recurring Charges.

If you have any questions, please contact our team of experts by opening a support ticket.


Messaging numbers for system generated text messages

The Vitelity system will be using the following outgoing numbers for low balance notifications as requested by customers when account balances are low and in jeopardy of disabling.


This updated process is being implemented to assure compliance with new messaging regulations.