August 2023 Updates to the Vitelity Customer Portal

New Feature - Verification Calls

Verification Calls

Security is one of the most important topics in our world today, and your calling experience is no exception. While the Vitelity customer portal currently has a variety of security measures, we’re introducing a new feature – Verification Calls. As a Vitelity user, now you can authenticate users with this feature. Simply utilize the new screen to send a system-generated call to a phone number of your choice with a specific code you choose. When you call someone, he or she will receive a call with a recorded message identifying who the call is from (Friendly Name) and the unique code. When this person calls you back, he or she can reference the code so you can be confident you’re talking to who you expect.

This new feature is in the Vitelity Portal under the menu item My Products and Services. Select Verification and Calls. Once the information is added to the form, and sent, the system will call the provided number and play the message along with the specified verification code. The receiver of the call can then provide you with the code for authentication.