BroadSoft Announcement Repository

Managing Announcement in the Voice Management Portal

Your Announcement Repository holds all custom announcements for your services. It provides the capabilities to List and Delete Announcements, Add Announcements, and Modify Announcements.

To List and Delete Announcements

Go To: Profile > Announcement Repository

  1. Select which announcement type you want to List and View. 
  2. Search for specific announcements by entering search criteria and click Search. To display all audio or video announcements, click Search without entering any criteria. 
  3. To delete an announcement, check the Delete box in the row of the announcement.
  4. The announcements are listed with their type and file size. 

To Add Announcements

Go To: Profile > Announcement Repository

  1. Press the Add button
  2. In the Name text box, enter a unique name for the new file
  3. In the Upload Announcement File text box, click Browse to locate the file on your computer.

To Modify Announcements

Go To: Profile > Music on Hold

  1. Choose when to play music on hold.
  2. Enable Custom Music on hold and select the file from the drop-down menu.