Call Center Overview

Centers in the Customer Administration Portal

For small medium businesses requiring call center functionality, look no further than Voyant Call Center, a hosted call center solution. Seamlessly integrated into Voyant's Hosted Unified Communications, it is a feature-rich application that allows businesses to handle calls – and callers – easily, efficiently and professionally.

To optimize the effectiveness of call center agents, the solution distributes and routes calls to the most appropriate agent, based on attributes selected and designed for each call queue. Call center supervisors can efficiently manage agents and monitor key performance indicators with real-time monitoring and on demand reports.

The Call Center solution is easy to set up and use through the Voyant's Customer Administration Portal, giving agents and supervisors quick access to functions. Agent call queues can be established with a few clicks of the mouse. Call center thresholds can be viewed in real time. Agents can see all call-handling functions clearly displayed in their web-based client. Plus, the Call Center supervisor’s web-based client allows for management of queues and agents, call monitoring and the ability to prioritize or redirect calls.

To find details about how to set up your call center, see this article.


  1. Call Center Anywhere: A single call center can operate using agents in multiple locations.
  2. Flexibility: Businesses can easily support peak and seasonal periods due to flexibility with agent and queue management.
  3. Real-time Feedback: With real-time monitoring of agents and queues, as well as on-demand reporting, supervisors are constantly informed of call center key performance indicators.
  4. Business Continuity: As this is a cloud-based solution going through a geo-redundant, industry-leading IP network, it allows for maximum uptime and business continuity.
  5. Convenience: Manage call center resources simply and effectively, whether in the office, on the road or working from home.
  6. Maximize Productivity: A comprehensive set of reports is available on each agent and queue, providing details on key performance indicators.
  7. Web-based Centralized Administration: With the Voyant's Customer Administration Portal, the call center administrator can make real-time changes to the resources and call queues, monitor queue activity and route calls effectively.

Call Center Licenses

  1. Call Center User: The basic user license that provides an assigned user the ability to join a call center and receive calls. The Call Center User license is the default for all agents.
  2. Call Center Agent Client: An optional license that is purchased as an add-on to the Call Center User license. It provides the agent a web-based Agent Client. The web-based Agent Client includes ACD State Management, Escalation of Calls to Supervisors, One-Click Transfers, Queue Information with Incoming Call Alert
  3. Call Center Supervisor Client: The Supervisor Client license provides the user the ability to monitor queue and agent activity in the call center. This license does not require a Call Center User license. The Supervisor Client includes Agent Management, Queued Call Management, Launch Dashboard and Reports, and Promote, Retrieve or Transfer Queued Calls

Key Features

  1. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Intelligent call distribution selects an available agent using a combination of the agent’s line state, availability setting and skill level, and incorporating the selected call distribution algorithm (direct agent hunt, most idle hunt, simultaneous ringing, weighted distribution, etc.).
  2. Queuing – Calls are queued when all agents are busy, with the associated entrance announcement, music or video on hold. Also, periodic comfort messages are played to the caller while they wait.
  3. Queued Call Prioritization – Calls in queue can be prioritized based on their time in the queue and the number they dialed (through the Dialed Number Identification Service, or DNIS).
  4. Customized Audio Greetings and Announcements – While they are waiting, callers can hear targeted greetings and announcements based upon the number they dialed.
  5. Conditional Routing – Calls are rerouted based on various conditions, such as bounced calls, stranded calls, calls that have waited too long or calls that reach a call center with an excessive number of queued calls.
  6. Agent and Supervisor Clients – The intuitive interface provides greater agent productivity and management supervision.
  7. Dashboard – Real-time monitoring tracks current state and current performance of agents and queues.
  8. Reporting – Real-time and historical reports track key performance indicators (KPIs). Users and administrators are able to create standard or customized reports, and run them on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

nCommand Plus

You can connect to the callcenter as an agent with nCommand Plus. To change your availability and manage your login / logout:

1. Press the Call Control button

2. Press the Settings icon in the top right corner

3. Press the Call Center settings icon

Here you can select your status and log in and out of the queues.

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