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Call Park / Call Retrieve

Call Park and retrieve settings and functions the UCaaS telephone system.

To park an active call:

  1. Place the call on hold, then one of the following actions:
    1. press the CALL PARK soft key (some devices)
    2. press the PARK soft key (most devices)
    3. dial *68
  2. The audio prompts will ask for an extension upon which to park the call.  Enter a valid extension and then the '#' key to park the call on that extension.

You can input any extension on your system, as long as it corresponds to an active non-Primer seat. If you press '#' without an extension, it defaults to the extension of the parking phone itself.

To retrieve a parked call:

  1. Enter *88 from the phone.
  2. Lift the handset or press the SPEAKERPHONE key to dial the number entered.
  3. The audio prompt will ask you to enter the extension upon which the call is parked.  Enter it and the '#' key to make the parked call your active call.

Call Park Notification:

Each extension can have their Call Park Notification enabled.

  1. Go to Locations and find the extension
  2. Press the EDIT icon to go to the Manage Settings
  3. Navigate to the Call Control Tab
  4. Open the Shared Line Appearance / Busy Lamp Field section
  5. Toggle the Enable Call Park Notification button to the desired setting.

When this setting is active, a parked call on this device's extension will be noted on the display screen.


Call Park Settings:

There are settings for the contingencies involved in parking and retrieving calls.

  1. Go to Locations and select All Locations
  2. Select the Call Park tab
  3. Alter the settings as you see fit:

    Alternate Recall User: use the drop-down menu to select a seat in that location to send parked calls that have not been retrieved by the recall timer timeframe.

    Recall To: this drop-down will define the recall pattern.

    Ring Pattern for Recalled Calls: this drop-down will select a ring pattern for parked calls that have been recalled.

    Recall Timer: this field can edit the length of time before a call park recall.

    Alert Alternate Recall User Wait Time: this defines the time for an alternate recall user.