Changes to Voyant/ANPI SIP Trunking Due to STIR/Shaken

Due to FCC mandated changes introduced with STIR/Shaken, Inteliquent was forced to make changes to our system and how we handle PAI (P-Asserted Identity). In the past, Voyant/ANPI SIP trunk customers were able to send any number as their caller ID so long as they presented the trunk Pilot number in the PAI. Due to the changes we had to make, this is no longer possible.


The result of the changes means the FROM field in the SIP messaging will be overwritten with the PAI information before being sent to the term end.


All Voyant/ANPI SIP trunking customers must now present a number that is owned by and configured on the Inteliquent network and assigned to their account. Any number associated with your account/trunk can be presented as caller ID in the FROM field of the SIP messaging. We can no longer guarantee call completion or caller ID presentation for calls sourcing from off-net numbers.


See the web page listed below and download the PDF from the FCC for more information. Specifically focused on sections

(47 CFR § 64.6301) and (47 CFR § 63.6302)