Configuring Device Paging in Legacy Voyant (Broadsoft)

How to add the custom paging tags for Yealink Devices in Broadworks

In order to enable the Yealink devices to perform device to device paging, some custom tags need to be added to the device profiles in Broadworks.

  1. Log into your portal
  2. Navigate to the Group you want to configure
  3. Select the Utilities menu from the left side
  4. Select Device Configuration from the Utilities Advanced menu
  5. Find the device and press the Edit link
  6. Navigate to the Custom Tags tab
  7. Press the Add button

The following tags need to be added in the Custom Tag Add utility:

Tag Name Tag Value 0
%multicast.listen_address.1.ip_address% [insert gateway IP address]
%multicast.listen_address.1.label% Page All 0
%multicast.paging_address.1.ip_address% [insert gateway IP address]
%multicast.paging_address.1.label% Page All
%multicast.receive_priority.priority% 0

When you add a field, press OK.

Once all have been configured, press Apply.

Devices will need to be rebooted after the updates have been put in place before the new tags will load.


For additional support, you can email to

Include in your email:

  • What lines you are wanting to enable paging.
  • If you wonder if paging is the best solution or not.
  • Explain your expected outcome.
  • Return contact information.