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Customer Administration Portal Demo and Overview

Demo of the The First Customer Administration Portal Actually Designed for Customers


As part of our Unified Communications solution, we have designed the most advanced Customer Administration Portal on the market. Managing and monitoring the entire phone system and features is now easier than ever.


Historically, managing a Hosted Unified Communications system has been complicated, to say the least. The Customer Administration Portal, on the other hand, is completely widget-based, so managing any feature, user or service is as easy as point-and-click, drag and expand.

Full Control

The Customer Administration Portal is easy to use, but it’s also a serious tool that provides complete control of the phone system. Administrators have full access to all users and company-level features, allowing quick and easy management without having to rely on an IT department or other external resources. Plus, changes are implemented immediately, so the real priorities of the business are never interrupted.


Every user, administrator and company uses Hosted Unified Communications differently, so we have designed the Customer Administration Portal to be easily personalized. Thanks to the drag-and-drop convenience of widgets, every page can display the features and information that are important to the individual user, in the order and location desired. All users are able to maximize their customer experience.


The Customer Administration Portal provides a clear and direct view of the entire business communications infrastructure. Businesses can monitor usage of each user in real-time, check LNP status, place new orders, view stored faxes, listen to recordings and see the status of all employees.

Easy Access

The Company-Product-Name Customer Administration Portal is web-based, which means it can be accessed on any browser – anywhere, anytime – via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.