December 2022 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

Product changes and fixes

On December 13, 2022, additional feature changes and fixes will be added to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to improve user experience and functionality.


Suggested addresses in E911 Validate Tool

The Atlas E911 Validate Tool now supports returning close matches for address entries. This is especially useful when an address is only off by a bit and results in an address not found. These will show as Suggested Addresses.


Ability to remove billing option in your Customer Administration Portal

In partner Customer Administration Portals, the Billing menu shows with Orders in the submenu. We are now providing a new option in Partner Setup, Branding section that allows a partner the option to hide this menu. The default will remain Enabled so existing portals are not changed.



Fixed an issue in Atlas with DID swaps for residential accounts

An issue causing some failures of DID swaps for residential accounts has been fixed.