Devices Supported by Inteliquent

List of devices supported for UCaaS services

Fully Supported

The following devices can be ordered, provisioned and fully supported by Inteliquent UCaaS solutions.


SIP-T54W SIP-T57W W76P  

Poly (NOTE: VVX 301/311/401/411 Went End Of Sale on March 31st, 2022)

VVX 150 VVX 250 VVX 350 VVX 450
Trio 8300 Trio 8500 Trio 8800  


HT801 ATA DP750/DP720 DECT    


In addition to the list above, support is provided for a number of devices that are End of Sale by the manufacturer, but are devices you may still have. These can be imported into your PBX and assigned to users with full support.


W52P DECT CP960    


VVX 101 VVX 201 VVX 300/301 VVX 310/311
VVX 400/401 VVX 410/411 VVX 500 VVX 501
VVX 600 VVX 601    



TGP600 DECT      



Phones That Might Work

Inteliquent is moving to require phones to support factory-installed device certificate based authentication by April 1, 2021. This means many older Polycom phones may no longer be able to get configuration data from our service. Polycom only began to install these types of certificates in 2012.

Devices That Will No Longer Work

These devices do not support client certificates and will not be supported after Dec 31, 2021.

Soundpoint IP 300 Soundpoint IP 301 Soundpoint IP 430 Soundpoint IP 500
Soundpoint IP 501 Soundpoint IP 600 Soundpoint IP 601 Soundpoint IP 4000
VoiceStation 500 VVX 1500D    


Devices That MAY Work

The following devices began including device certificates sometime in 2012. Check the manufacturing date on the device label. This can usually be found on the label with the MAC ID, and is written in the form of YYYYMMDD. EX: 20130907 (any extra digits, such as 02, can be ignored). However, not all device manufactured after 2012 include the device certificate and those may still need to be replaced.

Devices that have a proper device certificate can be fully supported. Devices without the device certificate can no longer be supported.

SoundPoint IP 320 SoundPoint IP 321 SoundPoint IP 330 SoundPoint IP 331
SoundPoint IP 335 SoundPoint IP 450 SoundPoint IP 550 SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 650 SoundPoint IP 670 SoundStation IP 5000 SoundStation IP 6000
SoundStation IP 7000 VVX 1500