DNO Do Not Originate

Through the portal, all customers will have the ability to set their phone numbers and toll-free numbers as Do Not Originate

Once activated,  all customers will have the ability to set their telephone numbers as Do Not Originate.  If they choose this, it will be set as such on our network and shared with the Somos database for DNO through other participating networks.


If you do not see this as an option, reach out to our Customer Success team to have it enabled.


Customers will also be able to turn this off via the portal.  Timeframe for removal on our network will be within a couple of hours, timeframe across all participating companies using the Somos database could be up to 48 hours but will improve as Somos launches real-time.


This feature is managed in the Inteliquent Portal in the Telephone Numbers and Toll Free Numbers sections.


These can be modified in the appropriate section.