FCC Robocall Mitigation Database Requirements

All voice service providers must be listed in the FCC's Robocall Mitigation Database by September 28, 2021

What is required? 

Beginning July 1, 2021, the FCC requires all voice service providers to take certain steps to combat illegal robocalling. By June 30, 2021, all voice service providers who deliver voice traffic to Inteliquent were to certify in the RMD whether their traffic is fully, partially, or not yet signed with STIR/SHAKEN and steps being taken to combat illegal robocalling. Effective September 28, 2021, intermediate providers and terminating voice service providers will be prohibited from accepting traffic from voice service providers who are not listed in the Database. The FCC considers any communications company who provides service to end users as a voice service provider. 

Inteliquent is unable to provide you with legal advice, however, our team thought it would be helpful to summarize the FCC’s RMD registration requirements with respect to your obligations for this mandate. 

What happens to my voice traffic if my company is not registered in the RMD by September 28, 2021? 

Traffic from voice service providers (including those who requested an extension), who have not registered in the RMD as of September 28, 2021, must be blocked by all intermediate and terminating providers. 

You must also be prepared to not accept calls from other service providers who are not registered in the RMD as of September 28, 2021. 

Where can I find out more about the FCC’s RMD STIR/SHAKEN requirements for service providers? 

In addition to the following resources, we recommend you discuss the rules with U.S. telecommunications regulatory counsel to ensure no interruption in service. 

We’re here to help you keep your service interruption-free. Please follow the FCC STIR/SHAKEN guideline and be sure to register your company in the RMD today