February 2020 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

New Features and Updates for the Atlas Customer Lifecycle Management Portal

On February 24, 2020, Voyant will make product updates to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to include new features that enhance user functionality and and improve user experience.



Residential Porting Date Selection

When choosing a port date for residential orders, the date selector will now prevent weekends and holidays from being chosen as port dates.

Customer Administration Portal Notification Formatting

Atlas allows you to create notification messages for the Customer Administration Portal to notify your Admins of announcements, new features or maintenance windows. Originally this area allowed short, plain-text messages. Now the text entry area has been expanded to include a number of editing tools to create better looking, more readable messages. 

Ported Out Identifier for Numbers with Cancelled Service 

Atlas now provides an option to note whether a phone number has been ported out when a service is cancelled. Previously, after cancelling a service or PBX, you were required to go to DID inventory to locate any of those numbers with an Aging status, then mark each one as Ported Out. Now, if you know the number(s) were ported out, this new radio button list provides a convenient way to complete the cancellation of the service, which also notates the number as Ported Out within DID inventory. 

NOTE: This option does not cause a number to be ported out. It only marks the number in Atlas DID Inventory as Ported Out so the number(s) won’t be accidentally reused.

When cancelling a user, the option is added in the DID Actions column:

When cancelling an Enterprise, the entire list of DIDs in the Enterprise is presented. This provides the option to select the entire list (check box at the top) or an individual DID (check box on the row) to indicate the phone number has been ported out. 

Accessories Exchange & Return Support

Support for accessory device exchanges and returns is now available. A new Accessories tab within the Devices widget will list any accessory items that were ordered.

Exchanges only apply if you return something that has failed within the warranty period, or if a customer wants to exchange one similar device for another. Returns only apply to devices a customer wants to return within the first 30 days.

10-Day Turn-up Period for New or Imported Devices 

Newly ordered or imported devices will be available for turn-up in the Provisioning Server for a 10-day period. This means devices will not pull their configuration from the Provisioning Server if it is more than 10 days since the devices were ordered and the PBX was provisioned. However, these devices can be re-activated for a select period of time by using the Reset button in the Atlas Devices widget. To check if a device has been locked out of the Provisioning Server, see the new feature below where we now show device details from the Provisioning Server. If the information shows the server returning a 404 for specific files, you will need to use the Reset feature to re-enable the device.

Provisioning Server Details

Devices for new users receive their initial configuration from the Provisioning Server. Bring your own device (BYOD) guides document how to configure the device to point to the provisioning or configuration server. The device’s initial files are only available for a short period of time and then are removed. The device can be re-enabled with the Provisioning Server in Atlas by selecting the Reset button in the Atlas Devices widget. A device’s attempts to access the provisioning server for initiation will now be shown in Atlas to help with device turn-up troubleshooting. The entries will list if the device has successfully accessed the Provisioning Server, what time, from what IP address, which file the phone was trying to retrieve and what the HTTP return code from the Provisioning Server was for that file request. 

Devices will now show an information icon next to the MAC address. Clicking on this icon will bring up a list of recent Provisioning Server entries:

For devices that have not been activated, a new “Provision Logs” item in the Tools menu has been added. This lets you enter MAC addresses for multiple devices. The log allows you view the status of any devices that have not been activated yet. The MAC will not show in the Devices widget until it’s been activated on a user.

Hosted Fax Email Notifications

With the addition of an error response email to those using the DID@vipfax.net email service for hosted faxing (see the Customer Administration Portal new features), the Email to Fax failure notification emails will be logged in the Email Log within Atlas. The content of this email was previously default text. This template is now available for modifications within the Email Configuration section. To begin, select Filter > select the Email Identifier dropdown > select the Email To Fax Failure Notification template > select Filter. To open the template, double-click the row with the template name after filtering.

Discount Pricing for Residential Services

You can now modify the price of the residential service as well as the ATA device on the Sales Order and these will flow through to the Sales Order documentation.

Proposal Email Template Modifications

The template for the “Proposal for Approval” and “Order for Approval” emails will now allow for easier editing of the message content. 


Multi-Location Orders

When selecting a location for a multi-location order, adding something to it, and clicking Hide/Show details, you will no longer be moved back to the main location.

PBX Cancellations

If an add-on order was in Pending Provisioning status when submitting a cancellation, services would sometimes get stuck in Pending Cancellation. This has been fixed.

Validated Contact Phone on Equipment Orders

This update will eliminate equipment order errors by validating the contact phone number on the default shipping settings in Partner Setup.

Panasonic TGP600 Provisioning

This fix will stop the Provisioning Server from returning an Invalid MAC when setting up the Panasonic TGP600 bundle.

Auto Attendant DID

A sync issue has been fixed for Auto Attendants with a single DID shown in Features and Services. When assigning, unassigning, swapping or changing the various DIDs that can be pointed at an Auto Attendant, the Customer Administration Portal will now be the final record for what DID(s) are pointed at an Auto Attendant. Atlas Features and Services will now show blank to avoid showing incorrect data.