February 2021 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

New Features and Updates for the Atlas Customer Lifecycle Management Portal

On February 22, 2021, we will make product updates to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to include new features that enhance LNP communication and service order filters.


Text Messaging Support for Premium, Professional and older Premium Seats

In preparation for new nCommand Plus and officeXtend updates (coming soon) that will add messaging support, Atlas will now enable numbers associated with newly provisioned Premium or Professional seats (those with clients) for messaging support. Additionally, the Customer Administration Portal will support a new option in Features in the Manage Phone System section to enable Text Messaging on any existing Premium, Professional or the older Premier seats. Once the new mobile clients are released, a new Messaging tab will be available in the client that supports single and group messaging features using SMS/MMS.

Ability for Users to Add a Note on a Port Order

The ability to add a note to an existing port order is being added. This allows an Atlas user to communicate any additional information about a port order to the Inteliquent porting staff. Click the Notes icon on the far right of the port order in the LNP tab, then click Add Note.

Authorization Date Now Added to Port Order Updates

When updating a port order, the current date is now being submitted to re-authorize the order along with the updated changes. This allows the Update feature to be used. When viewing a port order, click the Update link to make any changes, like updating the requested FOC date or fixing any changes that caused a port order to go into jeopardy status.

Limit Port Orders to Within 30 Days

When submitting a new port order, the calendar will now limit the port date selection to 30 days out maximum to ensure orders are not rejected.

Port Order Fix for Attachments

A fix has been made for uploading attachments like LOA or Bill Copy PDF files on port orders.

Service Order Filter For Unassigned Orders

In Service Orders, a new filter option was added for Service Order Owner so that you can search specifically for orders that are currently Unassigned.

Residential API Update

A minor update has been made to the residential APIs regarding passing in the SIP Authentication information if you are using a 3rd party provisioning system for ONT devices like Calix or Adtran.

Fix for Partners That Have One Channel Partner

For partners that have one channel partner, a fix has been applied so that the list of Enterprises or Residential Customers shows immediately when changing to the Customers tab.

Fixed Issue on SIP Trunks for Enterprise User Caller Name

Fixed an issue where the on-net calling name would be replaced by Enterprise User on SIP Trunks. Now calling name should pass through from the customer PBX correctly.