February 2024 Enhancements for the Sinch Microsoft Operator Connect Portal

New features and updates for the Microsoft Operator Connect portal

On February 26, 2024, the Microsoft Operator Connect portal will be updated with enhancements.


Automated delivery of Call Logs

In Call Logs, you now have the option of setting up a daily or monthly email in the new Delivery Schedules tab. This feature will deliver a CSV report containing the CDRs for the selected period. Enabling the feature will prompt for an email address to deliver the daily or monthly report to.

Update to Return Numbers button

The Return Numbers button has caused some confusion and a minor change has been made to add additional warnings. The Return Number button will now be gray by default, and provides additional warning text about returning a number from your inventory.


Fraud and spam calling mitigation improvements

In the afternoon on February 26, 2024, additional fraud and spam calling mitigation services will be enabled on all accounts.