Hosted Fax Configuration

Configuring the Hosted Fax Feature in the Customer Administration Portal

Hosted Fax is found in the Enterprise Services section of the Customer Administration Portal.  Select Hosted Fax to pull up all fax services available to you. 

An administrator can see all shared hosted fax products, by default, but for privacy, can only see personal hosted faxes if the admin is the one with that fax service.

Select the fax service from the drop-down menu. The icon for personal fax is notably different from the one for shared fax. As you make your selection the widget will display all fax records for that service.

You can see inbound and outbound faxes, the date of delivery, size, and status on this view. You can also take actions such as viewing the fax, emailing the fax, and deleting it. For sent messages, you can also resend.

You can use the SEND FAX button to attach a PDF and send it as a fax. Fill in the details and attach up to 20 megabytes of PDF or JPEG files, then press SEND.

You can use the Storage Widget in Enterprise Services to view how much of your enterprise storage is currently being used for each product.

Fax by Email

You can send faxes by email, so long as the FROM email address is found for the user assigned the hosted fax service.

  • Send an email to [10 digit fax number] 
  • The title of the email becomes the header of the fax
  • Attach a single PDF or JPEG file up to 20MB (multi-page documents will be sent as multi-page faxes)
  • the body of the email is ignored by the fax system

A record of the fax will be saved in the Customer Administration Portal as normal, depending on the parameters defined for the hosted fax product instance.