Hosted VoIP Seats and What Is Included

What Is Included Current Seat Features


This is a seat for common areas, and is not to be associated with an individual. It includes:

  1. Extension-to-Extension Dialing
  2. Local Calling Only (No Long Distance or International)
  3. Calling Name Delivery/Retrieval on Blind Transfer
  4. Calling Number Delivery on Blind Transfer
  5. Call Logs
  6. Last Number Redial
  7. Music On-Hold
  8. Corporate Directory
  9. E911 Service

Note: Primer seats cannot transfer a call. That feature is not part of this package.


Designed for standard users, allowing them to conduct business anytime, anywhere. They include all the features of Primer, plus:

  1. Direct inward dialing number to reach this seat directly.
  2. Unlimited local and US48 long-distance calling.
  3. Ability to transfer calls internally and externally.
  4. Simultaneous Ring (One Number Access)
  5. Sequential Ringing (Find Me/Follow Me)
  6. Voicemail (including voicemail to email, email forwarding, and zero-out options)


Today’s power user needs every communication tool at their fingertips, so this seat includes integrated mobility, as well as some collaboration tools. It has all the features of Preferred, plus:

  1. UC Client
  2. Desktop Sharing