Hunt Group Setup in Customer Administration Portal

Hunt Groups in the Customer Administration Portal

Hunt Groups are a type of Call Distribution that uses an algorithm to hunt through a list of potential agents to find one who is available to take the call.  

Hunt Groups are found in the Enterprise Services section of the Customer Administration Portal.

Select the hunt group you wish to edit or press the + Hunt Group button at the top of the page to set up a new one.

Left Side - Basic Configuration

Hunt Group Name: you can name the hunt group something appropriate to make it easier to find later
Caller ID First/Last Name: Place the name of the hunt group here if you plan to use it for outbound dialing with a virtual number.
Extension: you can customize the extension for internal dialing here.
Time Zone: select the time zone from the drop-down menu.  This is important for schedule based routing.
Virtual Toll Free Number: you can assign an available virtual number here, or use the Virtual/Toll Free Number widget to assign it.
Allow Call Waiting on Phones: activate this to allow those in the hunt group a chance to answer the calls even if they are currently engaged on another line.
Deliver Hunt Group name in CLID: activate this to prepend the Caller ID on the agent's phone with the hunt group name.  Very useful for those who are on multiple hunt groups.
Hunting Policy: select the algorithm's hunting policy from the drop-down menu.

  • Circular: the algorithm will hunt through the list of available users in order, from top to bottom, resuming after the agent who took the call on each subsequent presentation
  • Regular: the algorithm will hunt through the list, top to bottom, always beginning at the top position if available
  • Simultaneous: this policy will ring all available phones in the list of available users
  • Weighted Call Distribution: this will let you assign a weight to every member of the group
  • Uniform: the algorithm reviews which member has been idle from the hunt group for the longest, presenting calls in longest idle order.

User/Extensions: add users to the list with the edit button, or search from members in the list with the search magnifying glass icon. If you plan to use Circular or Regular hunting, make sure you add them in the desired order.

Right Side - Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Options: lets you set up how many rings between moving to the next assigned and available user, and where to route in case no one picks up after a given time.  You can transfer to any extension or external ten digit number.
Not Reachable/Offline Option: set up business continuity and disaster recovery forwarding here.

Bottom - Scheduled Call Routing

You can set up schedule rules to forward the call away from the hunt group at pre-determined times.