Installing nCommand on Windows Computers

How to Install nCommand on Windows

To find downloads and help instructions for nCommand, go to:

Installing the Client for Windows Computers

During the initial installation on Windows, an option is offered to install an Outlook plug-in. In order for the installation of the plug-in to proceed correctly and work with nCommand, the installation should be done as an Administrator. Right-click the installation file and choose “Run As Administrator”. If you don’t have administrator privileges, see your IT staff for assistance. 

Additionally, nCommand must be installed to the default C: drive location when using the Outlook plug-in. Do not change the location if using the plug-in.

  • Use Windows Explorer to locate your downloaded client and double-click the file (or right-click and choose Run As Administrator as noted above).
  • Choose your language for installation.
  • Click Next in the nCommand Setup box.
  • The End User License Agreement will be presented. Review and click “I Agree” to continue with the installation, or “Cancel” to stop the installation.
  • Next, review the installation options.
  • If you are running Outlook with an Exchange server, an optional Outlook Plugin can be installed. You will need to exit Outlook to install this.
  • Next, choose the location to install the application (use default if installing plug-in) and then whether to create a Start Menu Folder. Click Next and the installation will complete.
  • When finished, click Next and then Finish to launch nCommand.