Global Numbers API Quick Reference

Using the API to Manage Global Telephone Numbers

Once your company account has been setup with Global TN ordering capabilities, you will reference the section of the API guide entitled International Voice Services. There you will find all the APIs for searching, ordering, and porting international TNs. There is a completely separate set of APIs for all International ordering, and you cannot use any of the existing domestic TN ordering APIs.

First and foremost, the biggest difference between domestic and international numbers is that you have additional documentation and end user information requirements to complete the order. Once the order is placed you will see the documentation requirements by number as each country has different requirements.

The numbers are NOT active for you until this step is completed. Prior to that, the order is pending and the TNs will be held for you to complete the order.

Steps to order a global TN

  1. Use intlTnInventory to search for numbers. Select numbers
  2. Use intlTnOrder to place order for number(s)
  3. Once order is created, use intlTnAddDocument to add relevant documents per each individual number to complete order
  4. Use intlTnEndUser to update the end user information for each individual number on the order

Once all relevant documents and end user information is received for each number the order will close and the numbers will become active.

Referencing APIs

  • intlOrderList – retrieve a list of all existing orders
  • intlOrderDetail – retrieve order details
  • intlTnDetail – retrieve details about a specific number
  • intlTnDisconnect – submit a disconnect order
  • intlOrderCancel – submit an order cancellation
  • intlTnAddNote – add a note to the order
  • intlOrderAddDocument – add document to the order
  • intlOrderDocument – to retrieve documents
  • intlOrderDocumentDownload – download documents

If you need further assistance, please reference the API Guide located in the portal under Resources>Portal Reference Documents. You can download the PDF guide and review all the international APIs.

Please reach out to portal support at if you need additional assistance.