March 2022 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

Product Changes and Fixes

On March 14th, additional feature changes and fixes will be added to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to improve user experience and functionality.


Generic Device Change

MAC Addresses No Longer Required for Generic Devices

When entering a Sales Order, processing a Service Order, or Importing a Generic Device, MAC addresses will no longer be required to be entered.



Atlas LNP Notes Length Limitation

An issue was corrected where notes on an LNP port order were being truncated. Now the full length of any notes is shown.


Atlas Residential Inactive Customers Will Now Show Correctly

Fixed an issue where the residential list of Inactive customers was showing no customers.


Atlas Issue With Service Cancellation for User with Panasonic Handset

Fixed an issue where cancelling a service with a panasonic handset would result in the detached handset showing in the Customer Administration Portal correctly under Unassigned Devices, but the handset would not show in Unassigned Devices in Atlas.


Atlas Issue With CSV Downloads for LNP TN Details

Fixed an issue with the CSV Download option in Atlas when viewing a specific LNP port order.