May 2020 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

New Features and Updates for the Atlas Customer Lifecycle Management Portal

On May 18, 2020, Voyant will make product updates to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to include new features that enhance user functionality and improve user experience.



Duplicate Extensions Now Available for Users

Originally, customer PBXs were restricted to allow for only one unique extension across all customer locations. This release introduces a new feature where a customer PBX is now permitted to have duplicate extension numbers assigned to users in one or more locations. Duplicate extensions cannot be allowed in the same location.

This feature allows for better support managing larger customer’s retail locations within one PBX, where each location group represents an individual store, for example. Each location can be a duplicate of the other with the same seat names and extensions.

An Atlas setting available in the Customers Tab on Features & Services at the customer level will permit a user in the Customer Administration Portal to use duplicate extensions across locations. By default, limiting administrators to using unique extensions will be in place. This can be viewed as a new information icon in the Customer Administration Portal.

If duplicate extensions are not enabled, the message will read as:

This setting in Atlas is located on the same row of icons as other PBX-affecting settings:

This setting allows the Customer Administration Portal administrator to assign duplicate extensions to users on the ‘Manage Phone System’ screen.

Please note: Enabling this feature on a PBX cannot be undone. Once this is enabled, the rules in the Customer Administration Portal are relaxed and the same extension can be assigned to different users in each location. A note is also displayed reminding the Administrator that duplicate extensions may be in use. Please refer to the Customer Administration Portal release note on what changes an Administrator will see.

Performance Improvements on DID Features Widget Loading Duration

We have improved the load times on the DID Features widget for this release. Similar to the Features & Services changes, the widget will now load ten rows at a time instead of the entire list of DIDs which could total in the thousands for larger customers. To speed up locating exactly what you are looking for, the list of filter options has been enhanced.

Added Support to Residential APIs for Alternative ATA

The Residential APIs have been updated to version 1.3 which includes support for the Alternative ATA option during the ordering process. A new API was added that returns the credentials for use with devices like Calix ONTs or other similar residential endpoints.

New Report for DIDs Marked as "Ported Out"

A new email report is now available, which will show the list of DIDs that were marked as “Ported Out” after canceling a seat, service or a customer PBX. Any DIDs that were selected to be ported out will be contained on this report as verification that the numbers were removed and marked with the “Ported Out” status. This report is optional and can be enabled in Partner Setup within the Basic Details section.

This report will be sent to the current LNP Contact listed in Partner Setup within the Contacts section.