Meet-Me Quick Guide

Start, Join, and End Settings

Go To: Meet-Me Conferencing > Conferences > Edit your Conference Bridge > Profiles tab

These settings are available in the Broadsoft Portal only

Mute All Attendees On Entry: This is also known as Automatic Lecture Mode. Participants can bring themselves off mute by pressing *1 and go back on mute by pressing *1 again.

End Conference When Moderator Departs: Unless this is checked, the bridge will remain open even after the moderator leaves. It is recommended this feature is turned on so all participants are dismissed when the moderator concludes the call.

Moderator Required to Start Conference: If this is checked, the conference bridge will not open and everyone will remain on hold until the moderator arrives. 

When Attendees Join/Leave: “Play tone” plays a beep whenever someone joins or leaves. Play recorded name plays the participants name upon entry. No notification turns the beeps off upon both entry and exit, and does not play a recoded name.