MS Teams Customer Process Guide

This guide is intended to act as a quick step-by-step process outline for customers utilizing the MS Teams integration with their existing UCaaS IP phone deployments who want to add or remove users from the Teams deployment.

Adding or removing new users without following these steps in the correct order can lead to compounding issues that take time to resolve. Please be sure to read the document carefully to avoid problems.

This guide assumes the customer account has already been setup by the Inteliquent onboarding team and is ready to add or remove users as needed. If you need to have your account setup, please contact your account management team to discuss further.

Customer Requirements for Adding Users

  • Microsoft O365 admin access
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) admin access
  • Ribbon Connect portal access

Customers will also need the correct licenses on a user-by-user basis including the correct Microsoft Business License.

  • E1 or E3 License (per user)
  • Phone system license (per user)


  • E5 License – This includes the needed Phone System License (Per User)


Legacy Voyant Customers

Adding New Users

Customers who wish to add new users to their Teams environment can follow the steps below to ensure the user gets added correctly.

  • Purchase the needed license for the user (E5).
  • Build the new user profile in your O365 and Azure AD.
    • Ensure you use the same email address in each applicable field or the sync with Ribbon will not work.
    • Ensure the email you use is in the correct domain.
  • Log into the Ribbon Connect portal for your account and perform a sync.
  • Submit a ticket to Inteliquent Support at ( or (1-866-629-8200) requesting we configure the new user for use with Teams. Include the following.
    • User name or 10-digit phone number.
    • User email address (MUST match the email in the Azure AD/O365)
  • Voyant will request another sync in Ribbon when the user has been built.
  • Once the sync is done, the user should be ready to use their Teams integration.

Removing Users

Customers who wish to remove users from their Teams deployments can submit a request with Voyant to have this completed. Once Voyant confirms the removal is complete, the user details can be removed from the Azure AD if desired.