November 2020 Updates to the Vitelity Customer Portal

Changes to the Vitelity Portal

911 Process Update

Registering 911 services on phone numbers will be more transparent going forward. If an address is keyed and does not match the master street address guide (MSAG) our 911 provider uses, the user will be provided with alternative choices to complete the address. Once selected, the number will be registered with 911 services.

If an address is not found or other errors occur within the system, the user will be notified of the error so the user may correct the data and resubmit.

E911 No Records Found Notification and Ticket Creation

Vitelity never rejects a 911 call. However if the phone number is assigned to a customer, but not registered with 911, the customer will be charged an emergency call routing center (ECRC) charge. The system automatically assesses the charge to the customer; however, no notification was automatically sent.

Going forward, the system will automatically assess the charge as it did in the past, but now, a ticket will be created for the account the ECRC charge is being debited with details about the originating number and time of the call and an email notification will be sent to the customer alerting them to the charge. If they have a question concerning the charge, the question may be raised in the ticket and communication will be captured there.

Toll-Free Ticket Rejection Reasons Updated

Template verbiage going to customers when toll-free orders are rejected has been updated to follow more closely to the current reject process, clearing up confusion on what the customer is expected to do with the reject.