October 2021 SIP Enhancements for the Customer Administration Portal

New Features and Updates for the Customer Administration Portal

On October 25th, the Customer Administration Portal will be enhanced to provide better support for E911 addresses and notifications for SIP Trunk customers.

SIP Trunking E911 Enhancements

Updating E911 addresses in the Customer Administration Portal is now much easier. Each E911 registration will inherit the default address of the location the E911 registration is in, but the address can then be updated. A new E911 Address column shows the currently assigned address for the number. To edit the E911 address, assign a registration to a number, then click the Edit icon in the Actions column. Fill in the address details, validate the address is correct and save the new address for that number.

Additionally, you can add an email notification to each E911 registration to send an alert to up to 10 email addresses if anyone calls 911 that is associated with that number. Click the email icon in the Actions column for each number you want to add notifications to. This can be tested by calling 933 from a phone if you setup 933 as an emergency number in your PBX. The service will playback the address on record and send a test emergency notification email.