Download officeXtend app and user guide

Guide to Using the officeXtend Application

officeXtend is our newest mobile and desktop client for calling using your unified communications service. Download our officeXtend apps to connect from any mobile device or any Windows or macOS computer.

Download officeXtend apps:

officeXtend for iOS

officeXtend for Android


New updates - Sept 1, 2022 client builds now available.

  • Addresses higher than normal CPU usage on Windows
  • Fixed login logo
  • Fixed purple Messages button color

officeXtend for Windows

officeXtend for macOS


NOTE: This windows application can be silently installed using:

installer_name.exe /S /AllUsers

where installer_name.exe is the name of the file downloaded above. For example:




officeXtend for Android will be especially beneficial to those users who have upgraded to Android 10 and above or iOS 14 and above and are having issues with answering incoming calls.

User Guide:

The officeXtend User Guide for Mobile can be downloaded here.

The officeXtend User Guide for Desktop can be downloaded here.