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One-Touch Park (Optional Build)

Alternate Way to Configure Call Park and Retrieve in the Customer Administration Portal

Setting Up One-Touch Park

  • You will need additional seats to set up as Park locations
  • Create an order with 2 Premium seats (with no device) called Park 1 and Park 2.
  • You can create more than two park locations if you want, but bear in mind there is a monthly recurring charge associated with each one.
  • Turn on Automatic Hold/Retrieve in the portal for each park location (Park 1 and Park 2)
  • Add Busy Lamp Fields on every seat upon which you would like access to one-touch park for each park location.
  • Repeat this process for every extension that will use the park locations

Using One-Touch Park (with Video Embed Code)

  • With an active call, transfer it to one of the park locations
  • You must use the LINES softkey to perform this transfer (see video)
  • Then, retrieve the parked call from any other phone with the park locations enabled