Poly Trio Conference Phones

Poly Trio conference phones gives your teams the ability to clearly express and exchange ideas. There are three models available.


Intended for small rooms requiring rich audio quality with a simple touch interface, this conference phone supports up to 5 participants comfortably.


This model is ideal for mid-sized rooms and 6-8 participants for hassle-free collaboration. This one lacks some of the performance enhancements that the 8800 has, even though they look remarkably similar.


With this model, you can zone off larger rooms for the best conference phone performance with a simple touch interface.


  Trio 8300 Trio 8500 Trio 8800
Display 3.5” LED w/ classic 12-key keypad 5” color touch display 5” color touch display
Mic Pickup Range 3.7m / 12' 4.2m / 14' 6.1m / 20'
USB and Bluetooth 1x Type A USB
1x Micro USB
Bluetooth 5.0
1x Type A USB
1x Micro USB
Bluetooth 4.0
1x Type A USB
1x Micro USB
Bluetooth 4.0/NFC
Noiseblock Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes No Yes
Daisy-chain No Up to 3 Up to 3