Receptionist Overview

Overview of the features and benefits of the Receptionist Client

Receptionist is a hosted client for use by receptionists or operators who manage and screen inbound calls. It is a feature-rich solution that is seamlessly integrated into the Hosted Unified Communications solution, and provides an easy, efficient way to monitor users and handle calls. Receptionist is set up and managed through the Customer Administration Portal.


  • Quick and Easy Set-up: Set up and configure the client with a few simple steps
  • Anywhere Availability: The client is web-based, accessible from any web browser
  • Flexibility: Provides the ability to monitor users’ line information on the fly
  • Increased Productivity: Designed to be intuitive and follow the natural flow of a call (from left to right on the display), as well as improve business processes as only “valid” call-handling options are presented
  • Real-Time Feedback: Professional call-handling is simplified, as critical line information is available in real time.

Key Features

  • Monitor Additional Lines: Monitor additional lines without being limited by the device — over 200 users can be pre-configured, and 100 users can be dynamically configured.
  • Enterprise-Wide View: Allows the monitoring of users across different locations.
  • Single Access Point: Easily configure certain features, such as Speed Dial, Personal Phone List, DND, Call Forwarding Always and more.
  • Call Center Integration: Receptionist offers additional capabilities for call management when used in conjunction with Call Center.