Removing Seats in Atlas

Removing Hosted Seats in Atlas


Removing a seat is a terminal action. It cannot be undone once it has been submitted.

  1. In Atlas, navigate to the Customers tab
  2. Search for and select the desired customer to open the Customer page
  3. Scroll down to the Features & Services section, then select the Seat Packages tab
  4. Check the box in front of the seat or seats you wish to remove
  5. Press the Remove button at the bottom of the section
  6. Select if you want to retain the number, if you are porting the number out, or if you just want it to go into aging status as normal
  7. Confirm your selection

The seats will now be locked and unable to have further changes ordered for them (you will see a red lock icon). After a few minutes (usually 5 or so) the seats will be removed entirely.