Sales Proposal

How to Create a Sales Proposal in Atlas

In the Sales Orders tab Atlas, your Sales team can Create and submit new sales orders, Modify existing proposals and sales orders, Attach documents, Upload or download documents, check on the status of recent activities, including expiring proposals as well as existing orders, and search for proposals or orders by name, number or customer contact.

Begin the Sales Proposal

  1. Make sure you’re starting in the Sales Orders tab. 
  2. To start creating a new proposal, start in the Proposals module. Click the New Proposal button on the right side of the module’s title bar
  3. When the dialog box opens, select New for Customer Type, then select Enterprise for Order Type (if shown) and click Proceed
  4. In the Check Service Availability screen, enter the required name and contact information and click Continue. The contact whose information is entered here will be the default recipient of all communications, unless specifically modified on later screens
  5. Note: If the address you entered does not match one of the options provided, verify the address using the USPS zip code tool before choosing

Select and Add Products to the Proposal

  1. Click the Product Name drop-down arrow to select products. Use the up and down buttons on the right to select a quantity
  2. You can add multiple quantities of products as well.  If you hover over the total a red X will appear on the right. To delete a product you added, click the X icon which will be visible when you hover over the total. Notice also that the total updates automatically
  3. Let’s look a bit deeper at the devices and equipment type. Select the drop down and you can scroll through your equipment inventory and choose the device and whether you want need POE (Power Over Ethernet) or PS (Power Supply)
  4. Back on this products screen, and back to the devices, depending on the seat type, you may have the option to select whether the customer is buying the device, leasing the device, owns the device, doesn’t need the device, or is using a managed device. These options may not be available to all partners

Select a New Rate Center for the Main Location

  1. To search for and select a new Rate Center for the company’s main number, click the edit icon in the box
  2. Enter a state, city and zip code. Click Get Rate Center Select a rate center from the list that appear
  3. To assign a Phone Number for the company’s main number, click the edit icon
  4. Select a state, city and area code (npa), plus a NXX (second three digits). Choose a number from the list that appears and click Select, or click Show More to see a new set of numbers
  5. Notes allows you to provide specific information regarding the order for people later in the processing chain
  6. To edit payment information, click the Payment Type drop-down and select from the list

Add Locations and Change Addresses for the Company

  1. We started this proposal with just one location, our Dallas location for our law firm. But we need to add another location. Click add location
  2. Scroll up a bit to expose more of the location slider. You can see how we started this proposal with just one location, but we need to add another location. Click add location
  3. Follow the same steps and a second location for our customer.  You will validate the address like you did before
  4. Start adding products to this location as well
  5. There are now two locations. To navigate between locations, click the body of the particular location module. To delete a location, click the X icon at the top right of the location module
  6. The last thing to look at here is changing Service Address, Equipment Invoice Address, Service Invoice Address or Shipping Address. In some situations, you may need, for example, the Service Invoices to be sent somewhere different from the Service itself

Select a Rate Center for Other Locations

  1. To Select a Rate Center for the all the customer products in a location, click select in the Select Rate Center for Products in location
  2. Enter a state, city and zip code and click Get Rate Center. Choose the rate center you want and click Save
  3. The new rate center is now displayed for that location
  4. You can also Apply a Rate Center to particular users/services. Check the box next to each user and service to which you want to apply the rate center
  5. To Auto-assign DID numbers to the products and services you are ordering, click Auto Assign. When the confirmation message appears, click Yes. If phone numbers are available for the rate center you selected, they will be automatically assigned

Complete the Shopping Cart

  1. Choose your shipping method
  2. You will have many options for shipping based on delivery time and cost
  3. Apply the chosen shipping method
  4. The last choice you need to make is whether you want to include taxes in the proposal

Send the Proposal/Order

  1. Press CONTINUE after you have selected taxes and shipping
  2. A service summary of your proposal will appear 
  3. To create a proposal that will be sent to the customer for review and approval: Click Create Proposal 
  4. An email with an attached PDF of the service summary will appear. Use the editing tools provided to revise the email message, if desired.
  5. You may attach additional documents, if desired. Documents uploaded to Document Repository will be listed with an option to attach.
  6. When you are finished, click Send Proposal.
  7. Your proposal will appear in the Proposals module with Proposal Sent as the stage
  8. Your customer receives the emailed proposal, which includes a link to VIEW the proposal.
  9. When the customer clicks that link, a proposal summary page will appear, and the proposal’s stage becomes Proposal Viewed. After reviewing the proposal, the customer can click Accept Proposal or Decline Proposal