September 2021 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

Introducing Microsoft Teams UC Integration Ordering and Other Features

On September 27, 2021, support for ordering licenses for Microsoft Teams UC integration along with other changes will be added in the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to improve user experience and functionality.

Microsoft Teams Integration

In this release, support for integration to a Microsoft Teams environment is being added. The integration being used is at the user level and not a direct trunking integration. This provides some additional capabilities you might not have with a direct trunking solution.

The user integration allows the end user to use a SIP phone as a desk phone that is directly tied to and managed by their service provider vs needing a special Microsoft Teams phone that is purchased and managed by the IT department. This allows a user to keep some features they have today, like Shared Call Appearances or Busy Lamp Fields for example. The user can take/place calls on their desk phone or their Microsoft Teams client.

The MS Teams Client Integration license can be added to any new or add-on sales order and process through like other sales orders.

The licenses will then be available for assignment to users in the Customer Administration Portal.

Residential Porting Requests Removed from Sales Orders - Must Be Entered in LNP Tab Going Forward

Residential port orders can only be submitted through the LNP tab going forward. The option to enter porting information will be removed in Residential Sales Order processing in the Section where User Info is requested and only a user name is requested.

Once the sales order has been completed, go to the LNP tab in Atlas and enter your port request. Choose Create Order, then choose Customer LNP order, filter on Customer Type of Residential and click Search.

Then select the Customer ID you just created the sales order for and complete the porting details.

Remove Initial Soft Client Passwords from Emails

For service activation and upgrade emails, the initial client passwords (for seats with soft clients) will be removed going forward. Customers will need to create their Customer Administration Portal accounts to set a password.

Button Color Updates on Atlas Sales Order Pages

With this release, the button formatting and colors will be updated on the Altas Sales Order pages. Subsequent releases will roll out the same appearance to other pages.