September 2023 UCaaS Enhancements for the Customer Administration Portal

New features and updates for the customer administration portal

On September 20, 2023, the Customer Administration Portal will be updated with enhancements and fixes.


Call-in prompt recording for Auto Attendants

Currently, prompts for Auto Attendants must be recorded separately and uploaded. In this release, the ability to call-in and record an updated prompt is being added. In order to enable this feature, a passcode must be set for access to the Auto Attendants. To do this, go to the Enterprise settings and choose Auto Attendants in the menu. Click the gear icon to get to the settings.

Then enter a passcode.

On an Auto Attendant that has an external number, edit one of the menu options to transfer the call to extension 2001 and save the new menu.

Once enabled, call the Auto Attendant from an outside number, enter 2001 as the extension and the passcode at the prompt, enter option 1 to configure an Auto Attendant and then follow the prompts for changing the prompt on a specific Auto Attendant.



Fix for issues assigning Teams licenses to users

A fix has been applied to help address issues where errors were occurring when assigning a Teams license to a user in the Manage Phone System page.

Fixed an import user issue for Enterprises that are not converted to Webex enabled

For Enterprises that are not converted to enable the new Webex seats, importing a CSV or users in Administration and Access would fail to import any new user you add that only included the name, email address and role to the CSV. This has been fixed.

Fixed an issue with on-net calling name configuration

Use of bulk update to change the on-net calling name for a group of users would not always update the name correctly. This has been fixed.

NOTE: On-net calling name settings only change the calling name for calls that remain on our voice network and don't get routed to another operator such as Verizon or others.