Set Up Voicemail

How to set up your UCaaS voicemail remotely

You can set up your voicemail from any other phone, even before your new phone has been activated.

  1. Call your number (or your temporary number if your line is waiting to have a number ported).
  2. Press '*' during the default greeting.
  3. Input your temporary passcode (your CAP Admin can set up a temporary PIN).
    1. If it is a temporary or admin generated PIN it will force you to choose a new one then confirm it
  4. Record your name.
  5. You are now in your voice portal.
  6. Press '1' to go to access your voice mailbox (not the Greetings menu).
  7. Record busy and no-answer greetings with the '2' and '3' options.
  8. When finished, disconnect.