Shared Hosted Fax Admin Settings

By default, CAP Admins are automatically included on Shared Hoisted Fax services as users. This can result in them receiving an abundance of emailed faxes that are not relevant to the administrator.

To alter the settings for an admin on a specific shared hosted fax, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Customer Admin Portal (the user who logged in must be an admin, and the settings changes will only apply to their user/email.)

2. Go to Enterprise Services > Hosted Fax

3. Select the services from the dropped down menu in the MY HOSTED FAX section

4. Press the Gear icon next to the SEND FAX button to open up Group Hosted Fax Settings

5. In the menu that appears, choose how you'd like to be notified and then hit SAVE.

This process will need repeated for each Shared Hosted Fax product, and each CAP admin will need to alter their own settings.